Sans Branco Belgians
9/7/89- 2/17/03
Ch. Sans Brancos Faux Paux D'Truvale CD HIC TDI ACC
As I sit here in my living room, looking around at the furniture, I am met by all these eyes staring back. Some of these eyes are staring at me with the thought of mischief, some are staring in contemplation of which bone or toy to get up and get, but one set that I continue to miss staring at me the  way that they did for  13.5  years,  Polly, officially known as Ch. Sans Brancos Faux Paux D'Truvale CD HIC TDI ACC, has always been there from the day I brought her home from Robin and Bill's. Polly is out of Ch. Sans Brancos Anybody's Love CD ROM TT, who I had to place due to health. For those of you who don't know, I suffered a spinal cord injury in July of 1989 after a bout of encephalitis, Polly was born on September 7, 1989.I was discharged from a rehabilitation hospital, confined to a wheelchair on October 15th and on October 18th I drove to Michigan with a friend to bring home a puppy.

I was filled with misgivings about getting a puppy, but I was also miserable not having a dog. So throwing physician recommendations to the wind, I decided to continue in Belgians and Polly came home. I had no idea if I would be able to care for a puppy from the chair, let alone contemplate showing in the breed and obedience ring again. Polly proved to me that I was able to do whatever she and I set our minds to do. She taught me that not only could I show a dog in obedience but we could once again be contenders. She finished her CD as a Gaines Qualifier and missed a Judy Award because of my error. She proved to me that we could still go tracking, not that we chose to pursue it for very long. You see it takes about two and a half hours to get all the mud off the wheelchair so that you can go to work the next day. The knowledge that we could do it, was what was important back then. She proved to me that I could still show a dog in the conformation ring, maybe not as well as when I was able bodied, but well enough to still collect a major or two with the kids. Polly let me know that I could still whelp a litter and raise and socialize them. Most of all Polly taught me that she didn't care if I was in a chair or not, that her love was unconditional and is seen every time she looks at me. Here is to those veterans who have been with us through the trials and tribulations of life and continue to love us regardless of our shortcomings and continue to teach us that we can do anything that we set our minds to!

Thank you Polly and you will always be special for all that you have given to me!
OFA Exc. Elbows Clear Eyes Clear