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BISS Ch Sans Brancos Uppin the Ante HOF
Bets breezed her way to her Hall of Fame being shown on average 1 weekend per month for 2007 and finished with an AOM at the National (final 5) 18 group placements.  Shown 5 weekends in 2008 and she is #9 in All breed points.    She will continue to special ocassionally and will be bred in the near future.    She will also begin work in obedience.
OFA Good, Normal Elbows, Eyes Clear,  Cardiology Clear, Thyroid Normal
Kindred N Sans Brancos Int'l Barfly
Fly is Cerf Clear and too young for her OFA's.  She went out her first weekend and earned 9 points, both majors, and an AOM at a Regional Specialty.  The next weekend out she added 2 more points.  We are expecting some great things from this baby.
Ch Sans Brancos Twist N Shout KMK HIC
Twister is a very sound bitch in both mind and body.  She produces babies who think and have a tremendous work ethic.   She is what we would call a very honest bitch.  She finished easily and will begin work in obedience
OFA Good, Normal Elbows, Eyes Clear, Thyroid Normal Cardiology Clear
Ch Sans Brancos Wynonna HIC
Watch for Wy coming to a ring near you.  She is just beginning her specials career and from the judges comments it is going to be an outstanding one.  She is square with an excellent front and rear to match.  Her fun loving attitude makes her a joy to live with.  Her drive is outstanding
OFA Good, Normal Elbows, Eyes Clear Thyroid Normal
The Future:   Sans Brancos Zapped by Kindred
Eyes Clear
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