Sans Branco Belgian Sheepdog
Breeder of BIS, BISS, BOSS, HIT (O), HIT (H), HIT (A) and outstanding family pets
Sans Branco Belgian Sheepdogs came into being in 1980 with the
purchase of my future foundation sire, Ch Crocs-Blancs' Darth
Vadir CD, although I had been actively involved with Belgian
shepherds  since 1972.  My first was Ravenswings Gay Shadow
CDX, he was a very pretty dog and european in outline but his
temperament was less than exemplary.  I loved him but he was a
very timid animal and helped me to determine that I would strive to
never breed an animal that had to be afraid of life.  In 1976 I add
Ch L'Eccosais Esprit de Corp, he was a multiple Top 10 placer and
moved beautifully but he lacked a desire to work, so in 1980 Darth
Vadir came to live with me as a 7 week old puppy from D
Daugherty and L Halpin.  He grew up to be a joy, he had a
beautiful temperament, was elegant to look at, a Group Winner
and possessed a desire to please and to work.  He was very
european in his outline and passed that on to his children.  In 1982
I leased Ch Sundown's Debut from Mike and Marcy Fine and
produced my first litter.  The A Litter is best known for Ch Sans
Brancos Anybody's Love CD TT ROM.  Ditto, as Debut was
known by, came to stay with me permanently and produced the B
and C litters as well.  She went on to become the dam of five
champions.  The C litter was a repeat of A and produced Ch Sans
Brancos Thurderbolt CD ROM.  The rest is history and can be
seen through the following pages and pictures of the dogs of Sans
Branco, both bred and imported.

I am indebted to those who came before me and imported the
belgian shepherd and strove to make the Belgian Sheepdog a
reality in the United States.  I have been blessed by being able to
learn from those breeders who came before me and hope to be
able to be of assistance to those breeders who follow me.  I am
dedicated to producing a sound dog in both mind and body.  Health
and temperament are of utmost importance to me.  You will find
throughout this site the documentation of the health of the belgian
sheepdog puppies I have produced.  You will also find those
breedings that may have produced some health issues.  We can
only strive to produce the healthiest of animals and the only way
we can do that is for each of us to be open and honest not only
about the good things our dogs have accomplished but also about
the health issues we may have experienced.
First and foremost I strive to produce a member of the family.  
Titles, whether performance or conformation, are just gravy after
having produced a dog that is a healthy, trusted, and reliable
member of the family.
Ch Crocs-Blancs' Darth Vadir CD
Ch Sans Brancos John Doe CD HS TT
Claudia Dickerson
Sans Brancos Quality Bru & Aidan
Kevin & Tanya Hope
A/C Ch Uniquest v't Belgisch Schoon
HIC Mult Group Placer in the US &
Canada.  Nique is the dam of 17
champions & the grand dam of over 30
Champions, 4 HOF (C) including the
youngest UKC BIS, 1 HOF(A) Mult
HIT, BISS & Performance Titles
She is missed
BIS A/C Ch Sans Brancos Make
My Day Cibola HOF
Magnum garners 2 BIS and is
the sire of over 18 champions
and retired with 53 group
placements in the US and placed
or won the group 3 out 4 days
he was in Canada
GoldGr Sans Brancos Stunned at Kindred RN
Tazer goes BIS at Scott County
o Proud of Ch Int Ch Sans Brancos Kangaroo Kourt HSas TKN RATN CGC and Kimberly for their
HIT on Sunday at the National in Herding and her kids
Ch Sans Brancos NicNac Paddy Whack PT Votava & Benkiser
Sans Brancos Ni Ni Liam PT for both major Curran
Sans Brancos Now or Never PT for both majors McKagen
and Grandma
Ch Sans Brancos Fact or Fiction CD BN NA NAJ RATN TKN CGC on her RHIT in Preferred
Obedience at the Nationala with me.
GCh Kindred's Have I Got A Deal For You Sans Branco PT TKN on her Grand Championship and her
PT Votava  Chumbley Benkiser
The OO Litter is Due July 1, 2020
Austin and Erin
Terri Ann Votava
Sans Branco Belgians
254 Old Ellijay Rd E
Dahlonega, Ga 30533
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